Manhattan Beach Pier at Sunset
* * * * * *
She had smooth sun-kissed skin and a body to die for…

My friend, Raymond, and I went to visit my uncle who lived in Manhattan Beach. My uncle was a devoted playboy and, if we were going to get a date with a surfer chick, we figured he’d be our best guide.

Raymond was a Christian fundamentalist from Oklahoma who feared his religious proclivity would hinder his ability to get a date with a typical surfer chick. Such girls were more accustomed to the lifestyle of surf and sand rather than the solitude of Christian sacrifice. So I set about to find him a date.

Early Saturday morning I walked to the corner bakery to purchase a few breakfast rolls, and I couldn't help but notice the beautiful girl working behind the display counter. She was the quintessential surfer chick, with smooth sun-kissed skin, straight blond hair and a body to die for. We talked and seemed to get along quite nicely.

I explained our situation. My uncle would be gone that evening, so I invited her over for a small gathering. When she accepted, I asked if she had a girlfriend to accompany my friend who was from another state, and did not know of anybody to ask on his own. She told me to check back with her that afternoon.

At four o’clock I returned to the bakery and asked if she had any news of a companion for my friend. She assured me that everything was in order and that we should pick them up at seven that evening. It was wonderful news and I new Raymond would be very happy.

Both girls slid into the car as if they had known us their entire lives. Indeed, we all hit it off so well that it was more like meeting family than a blind date. The other girl was a shapely, attractive brunette, and I saw her look at Raymond as though he were a night in shining armor. I was very pleased, and the evening exceeded all of my expectations.

With the lights turned down low, we dance and hugged and kissed until our lips nearly dropped off. We ended the evening at a local pizza parlor with hot tomato sauce, pepperoni and delicious mozzarella cheese. Finally, we kissed good night and dropped the girls off at their place.

We returned the very next weekend anxiously hoping to reenact our initial date. It was then that Raymond and his new girlfriend announced their intentions to be married at their earliest convenience. I was shocked. One date. It had to be a record. He said God had brought them together.

I never saw Raymond again. However, I did receive a card about four years later with an Oklahoma postmark. Raymond and his bride were doing well and had one small child, Joshua.