She pressed herself against me, loving, erotically...

Rick and I had gone to the party specifically to meet girls. Fast dancing, fast times and then up to Gravity Point for some wild make out sessions. I never expected to meet the girl of my dreams.

I saw her across the room, like a bright evening star. She was surround by a group of guys. They were joking flirting, laughing, desperate to make an impression. I couldn’t top staring. She saw me too. When our eyes met she surrendered a microscopic smile, and then she quickly looked away as if she hadn’t noticed me. Her smile was like Cupid's arrows striking my heart. I pushed my way between the lovesick pursuers and asked her to dance. She looked at me with the most scintillating eyes I had ever seen, and said yes.

We strolled hand in hand onto the hardwood dance floor among the dense crowd of passionate lovers, make-out artists, and steady couples. She felt warm and cuddled into my arms like our bodies were matching pieces in a beautiful puzzle. It was as if we had spent our entire lives together.

“My name is Ben . . . Ben Jones.”

When she answered her voice was as soft and as fragile as a dandelion, “Lily.”

As we danced I carefully placed my cheek next to her's. My hand gently stroked her long, straight hair as it flowed down her back. She smelled of sweet roses and I imagined she was my darling, forever my sweetheart. She pushed back at me, ever so slightly.

Our second dance was about small talk. She loved the grandeur of open spaces, the dignity of old buildings and the shrouded mystery of people. As she spoke I watched her lips. The sound of her voice hypnotized me.

On the third dance, I gently pulled her towards me. Tighter. Warmer. Ever so tenderly. I whispered into her ear. “I could see your bright eyes in the twinkling of a million stars.”

She said, "Oh, you're an astronomer?"

I smiled. I liked her sassy wit. I said, "Let's step outside and I'll show you the Evening Star."

She pressed herself against me, lovingly, erotically, the full length of her body touching the full length of my body. Her warm breath blew across my neck. I felt weightless like walking on the powdery sands of the moon."

The fourth dance was another slow waltz. The couples around us were hugging, kissing, whispering, caressing, whimpering. I wanted to touch Lily too, to move my hands over her warm, soft skin. I yearned to kiss her delicate lips. My chest pounded as my heart literally cried out to be with her. I looked into her eyes, and it was as though I could see completely into her, into her being, into the shadows of her most private places. I knew she could see into me as well, into my secrets, into my raging desire. Suddenly, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

“Mind if I cut in?”

It was Rick. He stood stiff like a museum statue, smiling from ear to ear, eying Lily's beauty like a starving man at a free buffet. My first thought was, "Get the hell out of here!" But I just smiled.

Rick eyed her up and down as obvious as you can imagine. He said, “You are absolutely gorgeous, like an angel.” Then he just stood there, grinning like an idiot, his beady eyes drinking in the full measure her delicious beauty like dry desert Chaparral soaking up the seasons first rain. 
I staggered backwards, ripping myself away from Lily's embrace. I thought, "What? What did that jerk say?" But then I cleared my head, and carefully considered my words. “Impressions. Impressions,” I thought. “Be a gentleman and leave her with a good impression.” Let Rick make all the mistakes. After all, he was my best friend, so there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Right?

But I couldn't just stand there and say nothing. It wasn't me. I had to make a play. I said, "Lily, this is my oldest friend, Rick. I call him Grinning Rick." I thought if I added "grinning" it would somewhat diffuse his charm, make him look more like a lecherous clown than a serious suitor.

But my comment backfired on me.

Lily thought it was funny. She giggled, and said, "Hello Grinning Rick." And they looked right into each others' eyes like love at first sight. Egad. I saw it. And I should have done something about it, anything, ask Rick about his girlfriend. You know, Sexy Cindy, the girl with the long blond hair the the nerve racking figure. But I didn't. I just let it go. Why did I do that? I mean, I'm Ben Jones, slayer of hearts. I found this beauty of beauties, like finding a world-class diamond, and she was mine. Mine alone! Why was I giving up so quickly, so easily?
Lily turned to look at me one last time. I smiled pathetically. She winked, as if to say, "Everything will be okay."

My heart skipped a beat. Suddenly my weightlessness felt like sixteen tons. I wanted to say so many things to her, things I would say if it were the last day of my life. But those words would never see the light of day, because I had just had my last dance with the girl of my dreams. The girl I knew I would love the rest of my life. I hadn't felt so bad since Muriel died.

And then, as quickly as Grinning Rick had tapped my shoulder, my very best friend swept my sweetheart away, disappearing into the steamy crowd.

As each year passes by, I remember that night a long time ago when I introduced my best friend to my beautiful Lily. Everyday I think about how much I have lost :-x