Jerry meets Tammy at a New Years Eve party. The room is crowded with revelers drinking, mingling and laughing as the large wall clock slowly ticks  towards midnight. Jerry asked Tammy if she is with anyone. She says her husband. “How about you?” He motions to his right. “That’s my wife over there talking to that guy in the red shirt.”  Suddenly, the wall clock strikes midnight, and the room explodes with yells and cheers. Everyone starts hugging and kissing in joyous celebration of the incoming new year. Jerry and Tammy look into each other's eyes as they embrace for a long, passionate kiss.   Jerry says, “Well then . . . now that we’ve been properly introduced, I would love to see you again. How about this coming weekend?” Tammy glances towards her husband. Seeing that he is preoccupied, she looks into Jerry’s eyes, smiles seductively, and says, “Where do you have in mind?”