Rick and I had gone to the party specifically to meet girls. Fast dancing, fast times and then up to Gravity Point for some wild make out sessions. I never expected to meet the girl of my dreams. I saw her across the room, like a bright evening star. She was surrounded by a group of guys. They were joking, flirting, laughing, desperate to make an impression. I couldn’t stop staring. She saw me too. When our eyes met she surrendered a microscopic smile, and then she quickly looked away as if she hadn’t noticed me. Her smile was like Cupid's arrow striking my heart. I pushed my way between the lovesick pursuers and asked her to dance. She looked at me with the most scintillating eyes I had ever seen, and said yes. We strolled hand in hand onto the hardwood dance floor among the dense crowd of passionate lovers, make-out artists, and steady couples. She felt warm and cuddled into my arms like our bodies were matching pieces in a beautiful puzzle. It was as if we had spent our entire l